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Target Audience Workbook

Target Audience Workbook

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Understanding your customer is one of the foundational things you need in your business. That’s why I created this workbook to help you gain clarity in your business. This is the same process I use to help my brand grow.

Whether it's organic reach, paid advertising, or email marketing, understanding your audience is key. With our Target Audience Workbook, you're not just guessing who your customers are – you're strategically identifying them to maximize your business impact.

Who is the workbook for?

New, inspiring online business owners, or if you have been in business and need to start over.

Why you need: 

If you believe targeting everyone will increase sales, think again! This workbook is designed to refine your focus.

You have a great product or service, and you are not sure who to target. We've got you covered.

 Step-by-Step Guide: Each page guides you through the process of defining your ideal customer, to help you make money online.

Examples: Included in the workbook is how to write a brief content outline for your ideal customer and clear messaging.

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