Hey cousins! It's your girl Shauna T, coming to you straight from the heart of Dallas, Texas. Now, sit down and get comfy, because we're gonna talk fashion, beauty, business, of course, faith in God, and everything in between. You heard it right, y'all, we're covering ALL the bases!

Who is Shauna T? 

Boo, let me introduce myself properly. I'm a plus-size influencer and a bonafide business owner who LOVES all things fabulous. I am the proud owner of Expressions Inc., where we're slaying the T-shirt game one fabulous design at a time!

Okay, cousin, here's the deal. My mission is crystal clear: I'm here to help you  reclaim your confidence in EVERY area of your life. Yes, I'm talking motherhood, being a spouse, as a business owner, fashion, and even deepening your faith. Whether you're stepping into a boardroom, or stepping out to the grocery store, chile, you'll be doing it with your head held high!

Let's Ride This Journey Together 

I am super pumped to have y'all on this ride with me. And if you're an aspiring entrepreneur, listen up! I've got courses designed just for you. Looking for partnerships or collabs? Chile, slide into my inbox; I'm all ears and ready for business!

Talk to y'all later,
Your favorite cousin, Shauna T 💋